My approach to creative image making synthesizes many years of experience in design, photography, art direction and digital imaging to consruct my own visual realities.

In a world of visual overload where so many images look alike or seem familiar, I strive to create visual compositions that are fresh, unexpected and intimately my own. Digital collage enables me to translate ideas that at first glance seem "real" but when considered carefully, reveal them to often be compilations of many photographs. The panoramic format enables me to tell a story with rhythm and a sense of movement in the sweep of the image, inviting the viewer to participate in the experience as the eye moves along. I hope to engage viewers and tempt them to linger and explore, rather than simply " get it " and move on by.


• Syracuse University – graduated Cum Laude, Bachelor of Fine Arts / Advertising Design / Photography.

• Freelance Photography – Industrial, Portraiture.

• U.S. Army Signal Corps – Ist Lt., Officer-in-Charge photographic department, Sandia Base, New Mexico.

• Staff Photographer – Commercial Photo Studio, Schenectady, N.Y. – Industrial, Museum Fine Art, Portraiture.

• Independent Design Firms -Corporate Design and Branding – Manhattan.

       • Werbin & Morrill - Managing Partner; clients include: Gilette , Pfizer, Hasbro, Nabisco.

       • Coleman, Li Puma, Segal & Morrill - Managing Partner; clients include: 3M, Castrol, Nestle          Foods , General Mills, Corning.

       • Morrill Support - Graphic design, Photography, Digital Imaging, Fine Art Printing.

• International Center for Photography – Digital Imaging.

• Photographer / Digital Artist – Sales of fine art prints to galleries in Manhattan, the Hamptons, New Mexico & Maine as well as to private collectors. Published work includes imagery from India in American Express Departures Magazine " India Now" special issue. Exhibitions include: The Durst Organization, United Nations and many others.