Artist’s  Statement

After leaving a career in social work in 1996, my longtime love of photography and aversion to chemicals drew me to the digital darkroom.  I studied photography and Photoshop at The International Center of Photography in New York, and work in my home studio. My images have been shown extensively (See Selected Exhibits) as well as purchased privately. I prefer to shoot in natural or low light, favoring mood over content and trying to bring forward my experience of a person or place.  Portraits, usually of people I love in places they love, are favorite personal projects. Travels in India inspired my husband and I to collaborate on a travelling exhibition shown in four venues including The Durst Organization and the United Nations.

I am especially drawn to seascapes, often in Maine, or any place where light and water play.  Though I live in, and love, New York, Maine is where I was born and raised and a big piece of my heart is always  there. I enjoy travelling and photographing all over the world, but Maine is still my muse and I return yearly with my family for renewal and inspiration.

The opportunity to participate in a recent PWP exhibit at The Salamagundi Club in New York coincides with my intense involvement in a personal project, “Seeing the Unseen.” This is a visual inquiry into what is invisible but deeply felt and how that informs, shapes and colors the life we live (and possibly, how we leave it.) Now well into my seventh decade, a quieter but no less passionate time in my life, my focus in photography trends toward how people view and navigate transitions, including end of life issues. What matters?  As life progresses, less and less on the material plane, more and more in other realms. As a photographer I decided to approach this conundrum visually, and attempt to capture that which is present but unseen. Recently I spent time at Christ in the Desert, the most remote monastery in the Northern Hemisphere, seeking solitude, direction and escape from the cacophony of everyday life. The monks, typically silent, hosted a reception for guests, and I made an extraordinary connection with an elderly monk and later had the opportunity to photograph him in repose. Despite his physical frailty, the mantle of his lifelong devotion to Spirit seems as apparent as his dignity and wisdom, hence the title “Devotion.” Holy people, hallowed texts, churches, temples, ceremonial sites of ancient cultures, emit the fragrance of the sacred and we are drawn to them and are supported by them on our own inner journeys. With images and text created over time I envision this visual memoir as a Blurb book and am in the planning and design stages of that project now. For more information, please contact me at


Selected Exhibitions:

Alliance of Queens Artists Annual Photography Exhibit, Forest Hills, NY, juried, 1997 – 2004. Co-curator  2002, 2003.

Polish Consulate of N.Y., Polish Photography Club of NY,  invitational, 2000.

Art of the Sea, Annual Exhibit of Emerging and Established Mixed-Media Artists, invitational, Rockland and S. Thomaston, ME. 2001 - 2004. Currently hang in “Photographers’ Room” at gallery.

Soho Photo Gallery, NY, “Through the Lens of September 11”, juried, 2002.

Museum of Modern Art,  NY, “Life of the City,” experimental exhibit, 2002.

Northgate, Cold Spring, NY, “Water’s Spell,” 2-person exhibit, 2002.

The Gallery, Stamford, NY, 3-month exhibit with PWP members, 2003.

Chelsea Market, NY, “New York in Motion”, juried, 2004.

Show Walls, Durst Organization, N.Y., “Eyewitness I & II,” juried, 2005, organizer of two part show and exhibitor.

St. Vincent’s Hospital, N.Y.,“Compassion,” juried, 2006.

Chrystie St. Gallery, N.Y., “Inside,” juried, 2006.

Montauk Library Gallery, “Daydreams in a Real World,"juried, 2006.

Lobby Gallery, The Durst Organization, “Elegy for Eden,” juried, 2007, organizer and exhibitor.

Show Walls, The Durst Organization, “Infinite India: An Excess of Reality,” 2 person exhibit, Joyce and Ed Morrill, LL Powers, Curator, March-April, 2007.

Queens Hospital Center, Atrium Gallery, “Infinite India: An Excess of Reality,” Joyce and Ed Morrill, November 15, 2007 – January 5, 2008.

United Nations South Lobby Gallery, (SPICE) “Infinite India: An Excess of Reality,”

Joyce and Ed Morrill, January 14 – January 25, 2008.

Chelsea Gallery Space,N.Y., 2007 NEWWORK2008, juried, January 28-March 9, 2008.

MH Art & Framing Gallery, N.Y, “What’s For Dinner?,” featuring 4 women photographers, October 11-November 29. 2008.

Queens Botanical Garden, “Infinite India: An Excess of Reality,”  Joyce and Ed Morrill,February 12 – July 15, 2009.

Pen & Brush, “In Your Dreams,” juried, April 2 – 26, 2009.

MH Art & Framing Gallery, NY, “Americana,"juried, organizer and exhibitor, 4/17 – 5/22, 2010.

Pen & Brush, NY, “Transitions," a virtual event,juried, 6/3 – 9/3 2010.

Calumet Photo Gallery, NY,“Objects of Affection," 7/28 – 8/21, 2010

Manhattan Borough President Gallery, “Art of Commerce”, juried, 10/4 – 10/29, 2010

Show Walls, The Durst Organization, “New Visions,” juried, 11/6 – 1/15, 2011

Callahan Gallery, St. Francis College, NY “Perspectives on Time,” 3/1-3/31, 2011

Macy’s Herald Square, “A Woman's World," juried,  3/2 – 3/23 2011

Pen & Brush, NY, “Salon des Refuses," 3/3 – 3/27. 2011

MH Art & Framing Gallery, NY, “Transporters,” juried, organizer and exhibitor, 4/9 – 5/14, 2011

QBG Gallery, “The Artist Within: The Urge to Create,” Curator, Exhibitor, 6/1 – 9/30, 2012

Brooklyn Fire Proof,NY,PWP, “We Au Natural,” 3/1-3/6, 2014

Queens Botanical Garden, NY, “Harvesting Our History: The Story of QBG” Ed & Joyce Morrill, 5/14 – 9/14.

National Arts Club, NY, “Interior Lives,” juried, 5/19 – 5/31/14.

Atlantic Gallery, NY, “Small Wonders,” juried, 12/9 – 12/20, 2014

Maine Coast Artist Gallery, “What Happens In Friendship”, juried, July/August, 2015

Atlantic Gallery, NY, “Primarily Color”.Juried, 12/1 – 12/12, 2015

Atllantic Gallery, NY, “It.s All in the Details,” 12/6 – 12/17, 2016

Queens Botanical Garden, “Our Botanical World,” 5/4 – 8/8, 2018

The Salamagundi Club,NY, “Glimpses Into Our World,” 2/3 – 2/16, 2019


India photography published in Oct. 2008 Departures magazine “India Now” special issue

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